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Marmelade programming language (not active)

Têhhlrúrzhál constructed language (Têhhlrúrzsá hálye)

Nyol-ya constructed language

Aliosmo alt-history

Aliosmo - Alternative timeline

Aliosmo - alternative timeline

Aliosmo(latin. "alius" - another + greek. [kosmo] - "world") - it's yet another alternative timeline.

Map of the Aliosmo world (WIP)

Map of the Aliosmo

List of countries and their concultures (WIP)

Sorted by degree of completeness.

  • Nassland (color on map - light green) | Nassian language (Nasika)

  • Ugushia (color on map - cyan) | Ugushian language (Ùgùcskò mòwa)

  • Vozgia (color on map - orange) | Vozgian language (Вўозгшихы гўор)

  • Skoda (color on map - beige, between Latvia and Ugushia) | Skodian language (Sköde kálá)

  • Malorossia (color on map - lime)

  • Belorossia (color on map - maroon)

  • Romania Union (color on map - violet)

  • Prussia (color on map - red)

  • Republic of Lausitz (Łúžycka Lúdywna Repúblika) (color on map - light green, between Prussia and Ugushia)

  • NAU(Nordic Africa Union) (color on map - light cyan)

  • SAU(South Africa Union) (color on map - light brown)

  • USSA(United States Of South America) (color on map - dark olive)

  • Byzantium (color on map - very light brown)

  • Bohemia (color on map - dark violet, between Prussia and Ugushia)

  • Uyguristan (color on map - dark yellow)

  • Great Osmania (color on map - dark brown)

  • Scandinavian Union (color on map - light yellow)

  • Holy Romanian Empire (color on map - rose)

  • USA (color on map - dark blue)

  • Russian Federation (color on map - peach)

  • Oceanic Federation (color on map - dark purple)

  • Japan Empire (color on map - olivaceous)